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South Georgians steer away from "The Golden Compass"

December 9, 2007

Albany -- A Sunday evening in the good life city means a trip to the movies for many who live here. "We had dinner earlier tonight and now we are coming to see a movie," said Paul Rouse. 

"Well me and my kids went to out to eat, went to church, and we went out to see a movie," said Felicia Hawkins.

But one flick that has many going the opposite direction is "The Golden Compass."

"'Golden Compass' is done average in comparison to all the movies playing such as 'This Christmas', 'Hit Man", and a lot of the other ones," said Carmike Cinema  Theater Manager, Shaun Brunson.

Even Carmike Cinemas have been catching some of the flack. "We've had a lot of calls from people saying we should not play this movie based on the author for the books of 'The Golden Compass' is a strong atheist," said Brunson.

"I've heard all the controversy about the religious theme. The guy is an atheist, and I am not going to support anyone who is an atheist," said Rouse.

"Me, personally, I wouldn't and I don't think I would let my kids watch it either," said Hawkins.

But is the friction built around the movie real or just a marketing ploy. 

"If he's going to put this out right around Christmas, its going to influence the parents. The kids are going to ask for the other books and than they will see all the atheism promoted. And I don't think its good," said Rouse.

"I think its just to help sell tickets," said Hawkins. 

Once you get to the front of the line. "Its there choice if they want to see the movie. And if they don't they can purchase tickets for another movie. We have other faith-based movies as well," said Brunson. 

And that is what many have chosen to do in Albany.


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