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Vote to ban baggy pants in Atlanta drags on

August 30, 2007

Atlanta--It may be a while before city leaders in Atlanta vote on whether to ban baggy pants.

The proposed ban on the controversial fashion trend will likely face another hearing before it comes to a vote.

In the meantime, the topic continues to generate a lot of debate from people on both sides of the issue. Some folks, mostly older, are in favor of banning saggy pants, others say the government has no right to tell other people how to dress.

City leaders heard from both sides of the issue on Tuesday.

Critics claim the proposed ban is a new form of racial profiling that would allow police to target black men who wear their pants below the beltline.

Councilman C.T. Martin proposed the initial ban on baggy pants. His proposal is drawing mixed opinions from all over Georgia.

"It should be my personal choice what I want to wear. I don't think the government should dictate what to wear," said one critic of the ban.

"I think it's kind of gross, but also I don't think we have the right to tell people how to dress," said another critic.

Georgia isn't the only state taking on the heated issue.

On Tuesday, the city of Alexandria in Louisiana voted to ban the clothing fad. The maximum fine for a first offense is $100.   A similar proposal in Stratford, Connecticut was rejected this week after critics claimed the ban would be unconstitutional and unfairly target minorities.

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