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South Georgia meets the silver screen

May 8, 2007

Tifton--  Nearly three years ago in Alapaha, Chris Griffin killed a huge wild hog he claimed weighed 1,400 pounds. Some call it one big hog of a myth but the story of Hogzilla is about to hit the big screen.

You could be on screen with the gigantic hog.  It's sure to be one heck of a horror movie.

Here's the premise.  A group of teens come to South Georgia to research mosquitoes in the woods.  That's when they run into a mythological boar named Hogzilla. Even if it's just for a few minutes of face time with the hog, many people came out Tuesday to see if they have what it takes to grace the silver screen.

Dozens of people line Main Street in Tifton. They're undiscovered talent standing and waiting for their big chance. "To be in a movie. Yes sir," said Caleb Stone of Tifton.

"Everybody has a chance," said Ashley Stewart of Alapaha.

They're from all over Georgia. "We just decided to give it a shot," said Kimberly Dillard of Tifton. And each one will tell you they have what it takes to be a movie star.

"I'm a drama queen. I'm not gonna lie. I'm a drama queen," said Jessica Corona of Moultrie.

"I've been on TV before," said 8-year-old Chastity Dillard.

However, no one was quite as convincing as Laverne Partin. "1,2,3 ahhhhh!" screamed Partin while waiting in line.

She's confident her scream is loud enough to land her in the path of Hogzilla. "I can't run and Hogzilla's gotta have something to eat so if he eats me, all the other folks can get away," laughed Partin.

So does she have the chance? "I hope so. That's what I came for. I've been here for an hour," said Partin. According to the movie makers, she and about 200 other people have the chance of a lifetime.

"Yes they do. Everyone that auditions has a chance at any role in this film," said The Legend of Hogzilla Writer and Director Daniel West. West conducted some of the auditions Tuesday evening.

"Show me bravery," said West to one movie star hopeful, "You want to attack this creature. Show me that." "Come here Hogzilla! I'm gonna kill you right now. Ahh!" screamed the hopeful.

People are pulling out all the stops as they audition.  That's what they're looking for-- natural, raw talent close to where the real story happened.

"Anytime you're doing a period time piece like this you really want to do it on location and as original as possible," said West. People here just hope to get as close to the silver screen as possible.

"I love horror movies and I think I can do as good a job as anybody here and to participate in one as much as I love it would be the ultimate," said Curt Brown of Dublin.

"I want to get out of Tifton. I want to become somebody famous and I figured this is a start," said Stone.

It's a start for many. As for Partin, she has her heart set on a part. "Because im just lovely," laughed Partin, "I have everything you know."

So get used to her face and the rest in the crowd.  They could be coming to a theater near you.

Right now, the movie is still in the pre-production stage. People who did a good job on their audition will get a callback and will go for a screen test. Lithium Productions hopes to start filming some time in June. The movie will be shot somewhere in South Georgia. Producers are still scouting locations.

You still have a chance at stardom. Auditions will be held once again Wednesday evening at 5:00 at the Tift Theater on Main Street.