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Andersonville reenacts life during Civil War

October 7, 2006

Andersonville -- It's a look back in time more than 140 years ago in Andersonville today. The 31st annual Historic Fair is taking place with Civil War re-enactors, historical exhibits, and many food and art vendors.

Some modern day people take time off from work to live like the old days.

It's 1860, and this is where the families of the 2nd Georgia volunteer battallion of Columbus City Lightguards camp out during the war.

"We live here. That over there is mine and my husband's tent, our captain is right there," said Jeanette Cameron.

And over this fire, is where military wife Jeanette Cameron does the cooking.

"Have you ever ate rattlesnake? How bout a turtle?" asked Cameron.

When these Civil War re-enactors get in character, they play the role full out.

The Andersonville Historical Festival gives historians a chance to share the Civil War experience with others.

"Do you think you could march from here to Virginia?" Grady Simmons asked.

And it gives people like the Friar Family a chance to learn about an important event that shaped our nation's history.

"Me and my brother like wars and stuff," said seven-year-old Andy Friar.

"I hope that from history they can have a better appreciation of the present, and better understanding of the future," said Mitch Friar.

The history of the Civil War is alive in the songs and re-enactments today.

"This is basically what an officer carried," said Lt. Rick Peters.

Back at the campsite there's even a work for people too young to fight.

"Checking the chickens, make sure no Yankees or Union people take them."

Much has changed since the days of the Civil War, but the history is replayed by many.

"I teach school, so I come out here and you just get to relax, you get to eat some good food," said Cameron.

People re-enacting the war educate others on a time in history that marches on.

The Historical Fair features battle reenactments, shoot outs, and more than 150 vendors. Events continue through tommorow afternoon in Andersonville.



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