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Motocross pours into Grady County

July 12, 2006

Grady County-  Despite the noise controversy that surrounds Grady County's five motocross tracks, riders from all over the United States are converging on Cairo to train for the largest amateur motocross race in the world. Now the Grady County the track is benefiting riders and the community.

A win at the Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn's could launch a lucrative professional motocross career. That dream has brought riders from all over to Grady County.

"Just trying to get my jumps down, my corners, and yeah, the guys are making me faster so it's making me a little bit better on the track too," said Alexah Pearson, a 14 year old rider from California.

Conditions closer to what riders will see in Tennessee brought Alexah's family from California. Sean Lipanovich's family moved here permanently.

"We all moved here so I could just train for motocross," said Sean Lipanovich, a 15 year old rider.

"It could be much bigger if Cairo would let it, it would be way big, but I have kids from all over the country, some times they come in even from other countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador," said Colleen Millsaps, Track Owner and Trainer.

It's no small feat that these kids qualified for the nationals, it's stiff competition.

"Every class has 42 kids, most kids have two classes, some kids only qualified for one," said Millsaps.

And while the riders are benefiting from the conditions here, the community also benefits.

"Gas, food, hotels, Walmart. I'm sure that we help their business tremendously, we also use a lot of local vendors for changing the oil in our cars to tires," said Millsaps.

In fact Millsaps says, Cairo has a good reputation in the motocross industry and could be a Mecca for the sport and reap the economic benefits if they embraced the sport more and stopped fighting it. Motocross is considered the fastest growing spectator sport.

Pro riders have been buying up land in Florida and Georgia because it's ideal for racing. Pro rider Ricky Carmichael already has a track in Grady County.



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