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Tower vigil, crash probe both continue

June 2, 2006

Doerun -- The investigation is a collaborative effort between the Army, the Marines, and local law enforcement, all working to piece this puzzle together, as the community wonders why it happened.

News of the crash shocked people in the small town of Doerun. Tower contactors have their hands full trying to determine just how bad the damage is, and whether the WFXL tower can withstand rough weather that could move into Colquitt County.

If it can't, it could well take down the WALB broadcast tower as well.

There's also concern about how the crash happened in the fiurst place. "We have the best trained, most proficient professionals in the world, but even with that, sometimes accidents happen," said Fort Rucker (Alabama) Public Affairs Officer Lisa Eichhorn.

The deadly accident has four families mourning, and a community offering sincere condolences. "We just feel for them," said Doerun resident Lee Walden. "This was a very bad thing that happened."

The WFXL tower is 1,000 feet tall, twice the height of the Wahington Monument. Safety is the top priority of the scene on TV Tower Road, north of Doerun.

The military has kept its investigation out of public view. The bodies of the four dead soldiers were removed before WALB news personnel arrived at 8:00AM.


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