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Specialists measure damaged tower

 June 2, 2006

Doerun - Is the damaged WFXL tower safe enough to climb on, or even fly close to without worsening the situation? That the question investigators are trying to figure out.

Repairing the tower is the goal, but so is making sure that no one gets hurt in the process. The WFXL tower is about 150 feet away from WALB's tower.

The damage is massive, and the tower contractors arrived Friday morning from Tennessee to assess it. Workers from ProCom are examining just what happened here. They are trying to rent a helicopter to get a closer look.

From what we can hear, different levels of the tower are leaning to the right, some parts as much as one foot off center, and some portions have been destroyed. 

One of the contractors says he's worked on the tower before, so he is familiar with it. There's no word on how long repairs may take, if they can be made.

Traffic on State Route 270 has resumed, but authorities ask that only local residents use the part near the TV towers.


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