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Monument re-dedicated after 100 years

December 7, 2005

Andersonville- It was an emotional ceremony for the members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Gettysburg Camp 112. The group re-dedicated the Pennsylvania monument at the Andersonville cemetery. It was orginally dedicated 100 years ago.

William Mock's great-grandfather survived imprisonment at the Andersonville camp. He's hoping the ceremony will help others better understand the monument's significance.

"You can't actually describe it. It comes from the heart, and so, as I indicated, if we are successful in passing that feeling down through generations there will be a hundred years from today another ceremony commemorating the sacrifices and service of these people," Mock says. "By paying honor to him. I'm actually paying honor to all."

Jim Michaels first visited the cemetery more than a decade ago when he found his great-great grandfather's headstone. He brought his children back to attend the ceremony and visit the historic site.

"I want them to realize what happened here. Not the fact that people died, starved, and everything. It's what they stood for, and what we became out of it. It's what came out of it that matters, people get along, We're one country," Michaels says.

His 12 year old daughter Catheleen says she already feels a connection to the era and has a passion for learning more about the Civil War.

"In school I do projects about the Civil War, and I get more interested in it and my dad taught me a lot of things about the Civil War," she says.

There were about 5,000 Pennsylvania Union soldiers who were prisoners of war at Andersonville. About 2,000 of them died there.


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