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The Tara Grinstead search continues

November 1, 2005

Albany/Ocilla - The search continues for missing Ocilla teacher Tara Grinstead. The 30 year old disappeared 10 days ago. Now, a search and rescue operation from Albany is going to help in the search.

Hundreds of people search by foot, by horse, and by air. Now, four more people, this time with Albany-Dougherty County Search and Rescue are going to help find Tara .

"Anytime the surrounding counties contact us to help out, we're glad to help out. We have a mutual aid agreement with any of the counties in Georgia. This is what we train for and we're always glad to assist," says Commander Chuck Mitchell.

But Mitchell actually says he hopes they don't find her. He says, "Hopefully we won't find her. If we find her, that means that foul play has been in place. Hopefully, she's gone some place and just hasn't contacted anybody."

But if they do find Tara, the team hopes she will be alive. Mitchell says, "Each one of my team members will have medical equipment, in case we find her and she's alive, we can treat her on site until the ambulance can get there and they can transport her out."

Team Member Chuck Spencer says, "It would nice to find her alive, I'm hoping she may have wandered somewhere, gone somewhere with a friend and just not called."

The team will leave early Wednesday morning and search for three days. "I'm always glad to help out, we've been training for this for years," says Mitchell. Training they hope will pay off and bring Tara back home.

If you have any information about Tara's whereabouts, call the anonymous tip line at 912-386-2564.


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