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Postal employee investigated for theft

December 1, 2004

Albany-- A 27 year old part time postal employee has confessed to using a stolen credit card to steal nearly four thousand dollars worth of merchandise.

After we showed you surveillance video of the woman using the credit card, she turned herself in. Now Police try to determine if she used her job at the Post Office to steal the card, and how many other people were involved in the scheme.

The woman used the stolen credit card to buy lumber at Lowe's in Albany. In October she used the stolen card 60 times in Albany, Dawson, Leesburg, and Americus. Many of the purchases lumber and building supplies.

That lumber was used to build an addition onto her mobile home in Terrell County, north of Dawson. "She was threatened with the possibility that her kids were going to be taken away because of the condition of the mobile home," said Dougherty Co. Police Lt. Stephen Mitchum.

Police have not filed charges against the woman yet while their investigation continues, so they are not giving out her name. Mitchum said, "She has indicated there are possibly two other people that were involved in getting the credit card to her. We're still checking into that."

The woman worked part time here at the Bronwood Post Office, which Police suspected from the start. "We are still checking into the fact that the credit card was stolen out of the mail, and we are still looking into that," Mitchum said.

Most of the thousand of dollars of stolen goods, like the lumber, have been used and aren't worth confiscating. The South Georgia stores will end up with the loss, and pass it on to you with higher costs.

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in South Georgia. Investigators hope to have this case wrapped up this week. If Investigators determine the woman used her job at the Post Office to steal the credit card, she could face several Federal charges.

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