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Flint Riverquarium work moves on

January 14, 2004

Albany-- This summer, The Good Life City will open its newest attraction - the Flint Riverquarium. It's been easy to see the $25 million aquarium build up from the ground, but the work inside has been hidden from view. Until now.

The building is nearly complete, and work also continues on what will be a massive I-Works theater. But as the old saying goes it's what inside that counts, so today we went indoors.

"This is the first view of the blue hole."Director Doug Noble shows off the main attraction at the Riverquarium - the blue hole. "This is 175,000 gallons of water in this largest tank."

The aquarium is 22 feet deep and will contain thousands of fish. "We're going to have a wild variety of fish including gar, bass, and sun fish."

You see a mix a Cyprus trees and mixed with some artificial trees, and there doing the rock work right now. Water coming up from underground aquifers will fill the tank with once work is done.

And, the aquarium won't be closed in. "It's not covered so the major tank is exposed to the outdoors," said General Curator Richard Brown. "It should draw in a lot of wildlife, especially birds looking for a quick and easy meal from our aquarium."

A staff of six will keep the animals healthy and the tanks clean. Visitors will be able to watch scuba divers as they work and special masks will allow divers to talk to people outside the tank.

Under the blue hole, are more than a dozen interactive exhibits, from a weather trivia game, to a water works demonstration.

There will also be a cavern were kids can crawl and see animals that live deep in the earth. The plaza will have trees, limestone benches, a perfect place for students to enjoy lunch after walking through the Riverquarium.

Construction is a little behind. But, they hope still hope to open the Riverquarium on schedule, by June of July of this summer. It will cost about $1.9-million a year to run the Riverquarium.

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