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Tuition is going up again

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The University System of Georgia's Board of Regents Tuesday approved a 3% across the board tuition increase. They say it would have taken a 35% increase to make up completely for the budget shortfall as state cuts continue and federal stimulus money dries up.

The board also approved sharp increases in special institutional fees they started two years ago. Some students don't like it. Darton student Steven Seaton said, "I think it's bad for a lot of people because not only did the tuition go up but I'm also hearing that financial aid for most of us students is going down so that means basically it's a downfall for everything, and I'm sure Darton is going to lose a lot of students because of it."

The increases go into effect this fall. Tuition will not increase for students currently enrolled the Guaranteed Tuition Plan, but those students will have to pay the extra fees.

Here's a closer look at just how much more a college education will cost. The biggest jump will be at Georgia Tech, up $456 per semester.

Students at UGA, Georgia State, and Georgia Health Sciences University will pay $356 more.

The cost at regional universities such as Georgia Southern and Valdosta State will rise $194 per semester.

At 4-year universities such as Albany State, it'll cost an extra $164.

At ABAC and other state colleges, the cost will rise $141.

And students at Darton and other 2-year colleges will pay $136 more per semester.

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