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Day care center director arrested in child death

The Director of an East Albany Day Care Center was arrested Tuesday afternoon.  She's charged with failing to report child abuse.

19-month old Janaysia Stevenson was beaten to death last month.

Her mother and the mother's boyfriend are charged with murder.

Prosecutors say the day care center director knew about abuse but never reported it.

The District Attorney says 19 month old Janaysia Stevenson had been beaten and abused since January, and he says 49 year old Glenda Ann Brown, the director of the day care center she attended, knew about injuries she had suffered.  But never reported it to any authorities.

District Attorney Investigators went into the Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy about 3 this afternoon, arresting 49 year old Glenda Ann Brown for failure to report child abuse. A misdemeanor. Brown showed no emotion when arrested.

"Why did you not report Janaysia's injuries? Do you think you contributed to her death."

D.A. Greg Edwards said "The unfortunate thing, this death could have been prevented, perhaps."

19 month old Janaysia Stevenson died March 29th. Prosecutors say her mother's boyfriend, 28 year old Gregory Evans, beat her and admitted beating her at least 3 times. Her mother, 20 year old Chaitia Stevenson was arrested and charged with murder, for not protecting her.

D.A. and Child Death Team investigators say they questioned Brown after the child's death, but she denied ever seeing abuse.

Edwards said "She was made aware of the situation with the child, in fact some of the injuries that were observed at the time, that she should have observed then, are still on the child's body."

Brown has been the only director at this day care center for the 4 years it has been open. The center's owner, Dr. B.W. Caldwell, arrived as Brown was taken to the Law Enforcement Center for more questioning. She declined to talk on camera, but said she was baffled, and does not condone any actions that Brown is accused of.

The D.A. says he wants this arrest to send a strong message to other day care workers, teachers, and medical personnel.

Edwards said "All mandatory providers. Please tell. It's your duty. It's the law."

The Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy has 35 other children who attend, and the owner Dr. Caldwell, said she is not sure if she will be able to open tomorrow because of the arrest of her director.

I talked with Sasha Simmons and Dianne Golden, both parents of children at the Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy, who called to defend Brown. Simmons said she thought the arrest of Ms. Brown was quote "Absolutely ridiculous", and both said they trust Brown. Simmons said several parents at the center are asking the owner to keep it open, despite the arrest.

Brown is charged with a misdemeanor, but the D-A says a conviction could result in Brown losing her license to work in day cares.

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