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Businessman questions mayor's travel expenses

Roy Taylor, Sr. claims Mayor John Fretti had the City of Valdosta and the Department of Community Affairs pay for the same travel expenses.

The mayor says it was a simple mistake that was fixed long ago.

A Valdosta business man accuses the mayor of having his travel expenses paid by two governmental sources, the City of Valdosta and the Department of Community Affairs.

"Our Mayor has been guilty of double dipping for approximately about a year and six months," said Taylor.

Mayor Fretti says he's not double dipping. He says Taylor's accusations are politically driven.

"I can't help but to think this is politically motivated it is an election year Mr. Taylor told me he's funding at least two candidates himself," said Mayor Fretti.

The mayor says the Department of Community Affairs overpaid him when they reimbursed him for travel.

"I did a review of my travel and I noticed it right away and ask DCA to calculate the amount of overpayment," said Fretti. "They took about a month or so to calculate it and give it to me. I corrected it immediately."

Taylor's attorney Jay Smith says the mayor is appointed by the governor to attend the DCA board meetings which he says is not city business. The mayor says traveling to DCA meetings is city business, and the city always pays his mileage for business trips.

"If he was going to make a reimbursement to either one of these government bodies the reimbursement should have been to the city of Valdosta," said attorney Jay Smith.

The mayor says he'll wait and see what the district attorney has to say about the whole thing. Taylor and his attorney plan to meet with the DA Wednesday.

Roy Taylor and his attorney are also questioning how the expense reports were filled out.

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