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SEMA teaches you how to fly

Could your child have a career in science and math? Well if you think so there's a Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace program on ASU's Campus.

SEMA is a nationwide initiative to spark kids interest to the wonderful world of science. According to Google, the top paying jobs right now, have two things in common, Science and Technology.

And some say exposing kids to it early, will really help them later in life.

Flying a plane looks easy right? "Even though you see a plane take off and land there's a lot involved," said SEMA Program Coordinator Sammie Sims.

Flying is one of many things the SEMA Program teaches. Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace Academy is a national program for kids in K-12.

"What they do is give us curriculum activities and we try to embed them in the Dougherty county class room,"  said SEMA Program Manager Danielle Johnson.

Basically they just want to get them interested. "When you have them do  hands on experiments, they connect better with SEMA," said Sims.

"Our students will come to the lab and perform experiments through equipment provided by NASA," said Johnson. 

The Aerospace laboratory has 10 workstations, a flight simulator, and a wind tunnel."With this you can design an aircraft, and test to see if the design was successful," said Johnson. 

"There are various careers that make flying possible. Engineers, mathematicians, and medical people just to name a few," said Sims. 

Program Coordinators say kids will soar among the stars with this kind of knowledge. "They have to be competitive in this ever changing global market," said Johnson. 

Experts say those who choose science are clear for take off. Today through May 20th more than 1,200 kids are expected to participate.

If you would like information on how to sign up call (229) 430-2831.

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