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People move to different parts of Dougherty Co.

A shift in Dougherty County's population will likely complicate the county's redistricting process. New census numbers show population in District one in northwest Dougherty County grew by 23%.

Lamar Hudgins currently represents that district. District six in the eastern part of the county, represented by Jack Stone, saw the biggest decline of 10.2%.

County Attorney Spencer Lee says the county will work with the school board to redraw the district lines. 

"You can't dilute the minority voting strength, under section five of the pre-clearance act, you can not dilute that strength so you have to take that into consideration," said Lee.

Both the county and school board have six single member districts and one at large representative.

Once the county comes up with the plan, it must be approved by the General Assembly and the Justice Department.

County officials hope to have the lines redrawn before elections in 2012, but the say they've never gotten approval that quickly.

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