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Police Bust Drug Dealers

Two suspected cocaine King Pins busted in Pelham.  Tonight two brothers are in jail and thousands of dollars worth of coke is off the streets. It's a major break for law enforcement in the Mitchell County city which rounded up more than a dozen alleged drug dealers during an overnight raid last week.

Curtis and Cory Brown were arrested Friday afternoon out side of this Pelham barber shop. The arrests come after an 8th month investigation into illegal drug sales in the community.  Pelham Police Investigator Rod Williams said, "during the course of the investigation we made several buys from street level drug dealers, and were able to determine through the investigation and intelligence gathered that the majority of the drugs these street level drug dealers were selling, were being brought in by Curtis and Cory Brown."@

Police found more than fifty grams of crack and powder cocaine, digital scales, a bag of marijuana  and cash on Curtis Brown that all totaled to more than five thousand dollars.

Investigator Williams described that several other arrests were made leading up to this major bust.  The Browns arrest comes after more than a dozen suspected street level dealers were arrested last week during a drug roundup in Pelham.  Investigator Williams believes with the charges stacked against the Browns, The arrests come as a big victory not just for Pelham, but for southwest Georgia.

"getting this large dealer, who was supplying the majority of drugs to the Pelham area, I think we will have a dramatic impact on the crack cocaine trade in Pelham and the southwest Georgia area" Williams said.

there is no word yet on when these two will appear in court, but police believe other charges could still be filed.  The Browns are being held in the Mitchell County Jail..

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