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April 15th doesn't mean what it did

If you rushed to get your taxes done by Friday fearing it was the deadline, you're actually made it with time to spare.

Because it's a federal holiday in Washington D.C., the tax deadline was moved to Monday, April 18th.

At H&R Block in Albany many were busy filing their returns. Tax preparers say, whether you're ready or not, you need to file your taxes. You can ask for an extension, but that still means you have to pay.

"If you file an extension you still actually have to pay your taxes as due, it is not stopping you from not filing but if you owe taxes you need to go ahead and pay those taxes up front," said H&R Block Office Leader Ashley Hale. 

If you file an extension that gives you until October 17th to get all of your paperwork filed without facing a penalty.

You're taxes must be mailed or filed on-line my midnight Monday. Tax prepares caution not to wait until the final hours to file.

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