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Tax Day Tea Party celebrated in Valdosta


Tea partiers rallied Friday in Valdosta, calling for constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility.

The activists say they're concerned about the national debt, especially for future generations. It was the third annual Tax Day Tea Party.

Activists rallied Friday on Ashley Street in front of Mathis City Auditorium to send a message to Washington all the way down to local government. They say they're opposing high taxes and over spending.

 "We're just spending our way deeper and deeper in debt and there's no way to get out of it if we don't stop the spending," said Tea partier Glenn Hodges. 

The national debt is $14.3 trillion and Tea partiers say they worry the interest on that debt will impact generations to come. 

"We oppose all of the grant money that our local politicians keep begging Washington to send our way because the nation's bankrupt what is it about bankrupt they don't understand," said Tea Party Organizer Diane Cox.

She says the more the government prints money the more the currency is becoming debased.

You could get a copy of the constitution at Friday's Tea party. Organizers are emphasizing the importance of reading it. "Elected officials take an oath to defend the constitution and they don't act that way," Cox said.

Cox says the movement is still going strong and she says they're not going away.

The Valdosta Tea Party meets monthly. The group seeks to educate and motivate people to take action on legislative issues and polices.


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