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Police search for hit-and-run suspect

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - EMS crews rushed a man to the hospital early Friday morning after someone hit him and drove off.

The call came in just before 1:00 a.m.. Minutes after police responded, they found the suspect's abandoned black Honda Accord a few blocks from the wreck.

The mangled bike is all that's left after someone hit 55-year-old Charlie Beale and drove off. Witness, Timothy Burnette, was in his living room when he heard the wreck near the intersection of West Gordon avenue and Willow street.

"I heard a loud commotion," said Burnette. "I thought my dog climbed the fence and got hit. I noticed a guy laying under a tree on the ground and his bike mangled on the road."

People carry off what's left of the bike as EMS crews treat his injuries. Minutes later Police spotted the suspect's black Honda Accord a few blocks away near Shadowlawn Drive and West Lincoln avenue.

Even though the bicyclist left quite a mark in the windshield, Burnette couldn't tell how bad he was hurt.

"He wasn't crying out just tossing and turning on the road," Burnette said.

Neighbors, including Burnette, say the area near West Gordon avenue and Willow street is dangerous.

"We need more lights, police patrol, and a tree service to cut back some of these trees because you can hardly see," Burnette added.

We don't know if driver could see the bicyclist, but Burnette says better lighting near the intersection could prevent more wrecks down the road.

Police say the victim had non-life threatening injuries. As of early Friday, police were still searching for the suspect who is believed to be 5'6" and roughly 130 pounds.

Anyone with information leading to an arrest can call Albany Crime stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS.

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