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Weather alert system pole damaged

The very device designed to warn people in Hahira about severe weather was itself destroyed by lighting last week.

A lightening bolt hit a utility pole Hahira firefighters planned to use for a weather alert siren, then traveled through the building and damaged storm alert equipment. Now, they're working to make repairs.

Lightening struck this pole a week after firefighters had it installed. They planned to mount a siren on it to alert people in Hahira about severe weather and tornadoes.

"It's an act of nature and all you can do is carry on with it," said Hahira Fire Chief Dwight Bennett.

The chief says this pole is the replacement and soon Georgia power will install it.

After violent storms ripped through south Georgia lightening struck this pole at the Hahira Fire Department splintering it into pieces.

"According to the National Weather Service, it's nice to have a siren as a redundant in case people don't have phones or don't have the phones on or just have failed to register with the code red system so this is a catch all," said Chief Bennett.

The lightening bolt traveled through the offices of the fire department damaging computers and their server.

"We're still trying to climb out of that information black out," said Chief Bennett.

Once they get the siren operating they plan to inform the community about the tests and Thursday firefighters were out programming weather radios donated by Hahira Middle School with a grant provided by Colquitt EMC.

"We're very thanksful for having our weather radio here at headstart because nothing is more important than the safety of our kids," said Edward McCutchin, a Hahira Head Start center assistant.

While we hope there won't be another bad storm with severe weather season in full gear, there's always that possibility and Hahira will be ready.

Chief Dwight Bennett says he hopes to have the siren operating in 30 days. It was paid for by an 18 thousand dollar FEMA grant.


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