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Is that really a barbershop on wheels?

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Are you looking for help turning your small business idea into reality? The non-profit group Albany Community Together may have the answers you need.

They're a small business micro lender. Recently Bank of America awarded the $30,000 to  Albany Community Together.

And with that money, the group plans to help at least 20 small businesses get off the ground. From fades, low cuts, and waxing Nathaniel White field does it all.

After 18 years of working for someone else, he decided to strike out on his own. But this isn't your average shop, it's actually on the move. "You don't have to sit in a crowded Barber Shop. Just give me a call and I come to you," said Nathaniel White field. 

Whut-a-Khut is Albany's first mobile barber shop. He hooks the trailer to his truck and runs everything off a generator.

This idea like so many others comes from identifying issues and finding answers. "We got mothers who don't like to go to the barbershop. There's also people who work really long hours and that's why I'm here," said White field. 

"The biggest problem was the chair. Now I bring the AC, clippers, and everything else with me in my trailer," said White field. 

He has Albany Community Together CEO Thelma Johnson to thank. And With their recent check for $30,000, they'll be able to help even more entrepreneurs. "It's the long reserve that we have to meet. So without the 30,000, we would not be able to access 200,00," said Thelma Johnson. 

"When I went to them everything was on paper. And they said 'We see your vision let's make it happen,'" said White field.

So no matter how big or small your idea is. There's a market for it. 

Albany Community Together says they are committed to helping anyone who wants to start their own business.

Since their start, they've helped at least 100 small businesses. To get your small business off the ground call Albany Community Together at (229) 420-4600.