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Known Thomas Co. addicts arrested again

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Kimberly Cardin is no stranger to law enforcement. "She's basically out on a bond from here, a bond from Grady County, and now she got caught again. So she's facing three charges, three different cases," said Thomas County Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

Investigators say Cardin was attempting to deliver ephedrine when she was stopped by Thomas County officers. "We received information that she'd be going to a store here in town. We set up surveillance. We did stop her when she left the business," said Lee.

The 35 year old Cardin was with 34 year old Daniel Rowland when officers arrived on the scene. Lee says Cardin and Rowland are known meth users in Thomas and Grady Counties. "In Cardins bag of clothes we found syringes, some that had already been used. We found a spoon that had methamphetamine residue in it."

Lee says they were both open with their information. "Both admitted to purchasing the ephedrine to take to a methamphetamine cook."

Lee says unfortunately this is common. "If they get arrested and get out on bond the drug is so bad and so addictive that we usually catch them again."

Lee says they have an idea who Cardin and Rowland were taking the ephedrine to, but they need more evidence before they can proceed with an arrest.

Both Cardin and Rowland are charged with unlawful possession of ephedrine. Cardin is also charged with possession of methamphetamine.

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