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Surveillance video captures thief in action

Police hope you can help them catch a woman went from store to store in Lakeland and stole wallets, credit cards and cash from unsuspecting shoppers. 

Surveillance video clearly shows a woman taking a wallet out of Shirley Melton's handbag inside a Harvey's Supermarket.  "I had it well covered with grapes and salad stuff so she had to be really good to do it and I still had my hand on the buggy when she took it," Melton said.

The thief made small talk with Melton about cheese to distract her.  "It makes you sick because it's so personal you know they've taken something that's real personal to you and it makes you sick to your stomach."

Within 15 minutes, the woman tried to use Melton's CREDIT cards at the ATM in Harvey's along with debit cards she stole from another store earlier that day.

On that same day the Owner of Sheila's Consignment says her debit cards were stolen right out of her purse.

The purse was behind the counter.  "She had sheets and comforters and all stacked up on the glass so I guess whoever came back there couldn't be seen had I walked to the door or whatever."

 "About $1,180, about $980 from our checking account and $200 in cash."

The next day, the woman was caught on surveillance video getting out of a PT cruiser parked at the pump at store in Ray City.

 "I feel like she had been watching me and knew what my pin number was," Sheila Branch.

She says people are stealing faster than people can make money and there's no telling how many people's she's ripped off. 

The PT Cruiser is 2007 or 2008. If you see her call Lakeland Police at (229) 482-3309.

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