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Phoebe prepares to mark a century

Phoebe Putney Hospital begins the 100 day countdown to its 100th anniversary next week.

Thursday at 1:30 they'll lower the Phoebe flag, and replace it with a new centennial flag marking the 100 day countdown.

The hospital also expect to unveil a historical marker, marking the site of the original hospital. At that event they'll have a surprise guest, Phoebe CEO Joel Wernick doesn't even know about.

They'll also hand out a calendar of event to mark the centennial year.

 "This has been five years in the planning and throughout these five years, I've said it many times, what other business anywhere can say that on July 31st in 1911, the lights were turned on, the doors flung open and health care has been provided to anyone who presented with a need. The lights have never gone off," said Celebration Committee Co-Chair Lacy Lee.

Instead of getting presents for their anniversary, Phoebe will be giving gifts back to the community over the next year, including a written history of the hospital and others.

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