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Should credit scores keep you from getting a job?

What does your credit score and employment have in common? In some states it's the determining factor of whether or not you get the job.

There are several legal proposals being debated all over the country.  Most of the bills are trying to limit credit checks in the hiring process.

Human Resource groups say they're only used for hiring those in finance and management.

Not paying after you swipe that card could end up costing you. "My credit's good but, I have been there in the past," said Mary Hilley. 

She was a single mom for years. And trying to support a family by herself was tough. "You don't always know the underlying reason, of why the person has bad credit," she said. 

But is a credit score a good judge of character? "I don't think it's a good idea. People can rebuild their credit," said Hilley. 

However companies tend to think otherwise. Any job dealing with money, or sensitive information requires a credit check. "What your credit report says about you, is an important factor. Because it relates to whatever the job may be," said Credit Counselor Steve Sadler. 

"They obviously need more money to take care of that problem," said Hilley. 

Mary found her credit solution through budgeting and going back to school. "My education is the best thing that helped me. It gave me the confidence to go on and start over," she said. 

"The reason so many people are having problems, keeping up with bills is the economy," said Sadler. 

But job hunters should try to get their debt under control. "Getting your credit score and contesting things that may not be yours is helpful," said Sadler. 

"Just remember later on down the road, it'll be worth it," said Hilley. 

Don't let a credit score keeping you from getting the job. Credit Counselors say pay your bills on time.

Also let the employer know the circumstances behind your credit score. 

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southwest Georgia will assist anyone trying to restore their credit.

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