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Homerville and Lakeland burglaries similar

We begin with surveillance video of thieves in action. Burglars hit five businesses in Lakeland and two vacant buildings.

And while they didn't get away with much money, they left behind some costly damage.

Tuesday police hope you'll recognize the burglars in some store surveillance footage.

Take a look at this surveillance video from the Burger Shack on East Murrell Avenue in Lakeland.

This man looks through the windows, scoping it out before kicking in the back door.

"It cost me a lot," said Bob Stone, the owner of Burger Shack. "One of the biggest days we have is Fridays because people get paid and they eat out Friday. They costs us big time."

The Burger Shack is one of five businesses hit Friday morning.

Two vacant buildings were also broken into.

"It doesn't appear to me that theywere looking for anything but money," said Lakeland Police Det. Henry Ferst. "I believe it's drug related."

The burglar stole $750 from the Junction. At an Appraisal shop, a suspect's afro beads were found scattered on the floor and a lap top from that shop was recovered from a dumpster nearby.

"I have prints from the doors here," said Ferst. "It apears to be a Nike shoe, a 9.5."

Witnesses did see some suspects leave in a car on Franklin Road.

 "There was a pontiac in the middle of the road and three persons jumped in the car," said Ferst.

The theives caused close to $4,500 in damages.

 "I just wish you'd come back when I'm here," said Stone. "That's all I got to say. Just come back and see me."

While thieves didn't get away with anything from the Burger Shack, he says it's a shame that people work hard everyday to make an honest living and he wants those theives caught.

Lakeland Police say the M-Os are similar break ins in Homerville where there were four breakins and an attempt this morning.

Theives tried unsuccessfully to get inside a the Ellie Kats store.

The owner says they ruined the encasement around the door and shattered this window.

They didn't get away with anything there but at the Clinch County News office, $50 was stolen.

"I just feel sorry for the other businsses that were broken into and it's really kind of scary to have a place of business and be afraid that you may walk in and someone maybe waiting for you," said Elaine Carswell, the Ellie Kats owner.

Homerville Police say a flower shop, the Farm Bureau Insurance and Savannah's Antiques were also broken into.

No one's yet been arrested.

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