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ASU students get familiar with safety spots

In the wake of violent storms that have pounded Georgia in recent weeks, Albany State University held a tornado drill Tuesday morning. Emergency sirens sounded across the campus,and students were directed to designated shelters.

We learned it was a good time to hold the drill. We talked to several students, and they all admitted they did not know where the emergency shelters were on campus. When the sirens sounded, this time they paid attention.

The emergency sirens at Albany State sounded exactly at 10:15, when most of the students and faculty were at class on campus. At the ACAD building, one of the most populated on campus, people were instructed to file into the auditorium.

The students for the most part were very calm and orderly as they filed into the auditorium, taking the drill seriously.

We asked Sophomore Ainslie Dobbs if she knew this auditorium was the spot she was supposed to go. Sophomore Ainslie  said "No, I didn't," Dobbs said. She just found out "Today."

Just one week ago there was significant damage from strong winds in Albany. The university's emergency sirens sounded for a tornado warning. But talking to students after the drill, they needed this lesson. 18:48:09 Did you know this auditorium was where you were supposed to go in case of a tornado?

Sophomore Dante Adams said he didn't know "Until now. This is my first time."

When they arrive on campus, students are given the emergency plans, with the locations of the safe areas. Maps are posted in bulletin boards, and they get e-mails about emergency preparedness, but none of the students we talked with today remembered.

 "Probably have to put it on Facebook or other social network and they'll see it that way. That's one reason we have these drills, so we can make sure our campus is safe," said University Police Chief John Fields.

Sophomore Hiram Grimes said he thinks this drill and the recent storms will get his classmates attention.  "Yes, I think we'll think about it more. Since we had this emergency and warning and everything. Yea, I think it was important."

This time it was just a drill. And the students are better prepared now when severe weather threatens.  Also observing and evaluating the drill were Southwest Georgia Public Health officials, making sure of the emergency preparedness in the community.

The State board of regents requires the University hold emergency drills like this. Albany State has already held a drill for an active shooter on campus this year.


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