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Gone Fishing

Have you ever tried to make money from a hobby before? That's exactly what two men in Lee County are doing.

Instead of fishing for fun they do it for profit. Both guys compete in several tournaments throughout the year.

And recently they just started a foundation to teach kids how to fish. Ryan Tiernan and Shawn Vallandingham are a team.

"Shawn and myself actually started fishing about four years ago," said Ryan Tiernan.

"In the sport of red fishing it's mental. Actually red fish are the hardest to catch of them all," said Shawn Vallandingham. 

"What we do is red fish. We don't care about flounder, trout or bass. It's all about red fish," said Tiernan. 

"Hooking up to a red fish there's nothing like it. Especially with the fight they give," said Vallandingham. 

Shawn gets on the top platform and sight fishes. And Ryan stays on bottom and blind casts. Who knew fishing could be so profitable? "We're actually one of twenty eight teams in the United States, to get invited to fish the Academy Sports and RH Red Fish Series.

It's more business than pleasure when they're out on the water. "It's calming and relaxing being on the water. But come tournament morning it's on," said Tiernan. 

"When we go for a tournament it's all business. We'll spend nine days in a row in Texas, or Louis nana," said Vallandingham.

Who knows this duo could be the next Red fish Anglers of the year? This Saturday your kids can fish for free at the wynfield plantation. It starts at 9am to 3pm.

It's free and open to the public. Click HERE to visit their website for more information.

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