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Pedestrian pace changes traffic patterns

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Changes to the traffic patterns in Albany's south central businesses district have raised some complaints from drivers, but should help improve the traffic flow downtown.

Drivers will notice the pattern for the traffic lights along Pine Avenue and Oglethorpe Boulevard has changed. Some lights will stay red longer. It's part of a traffic study paid for with federal stimulus money that changed the timing on the traffic lights.

Changes had to be made because of new federal mandates on how long pedestrians are given to cross the street.

"Particularly we have older pedestrians, disabled pedestrians, that will give them a little bit longer to cross the street and not lose that time for the signal to cycle out before they're able to complete crossing," said Michelle Strickland of Albany Safe Communities.

Officials say it looks to improve the overall flow of traffic into downtown.

The next section to see changes will be along Nottingham, Westover Boulevard, and Dawson Road around the Albany Mall.

Those changes will be made over the next several months allowing traffic to flow from Stuart Avenue to Ledo Road without being stopped by traffic signals.