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Taylor takes over

Former Assistant City Manager James Taylor is now charged with running day to day operations of the city, and his work is cut out for him.

They'll still need to put together a contract and work out a salary and conditions for the position, but Monday Colonel James Taylor was confident that could be done. He's been here in Albany for 22 years and says the city's future is ultimately in its citizens hands.

For Col. James Taylor it was business at usual today, we caught up with him in the Mayor's office, as he prepares to take the city's reigns after a weekend of final interviews. "I went in there to sell me, and what I understand about Albany and what I expect of it."

Taylor expects a lot out of Albany and it's citizen and he'll be asking them what they want for the city's future. "I want to have their input, I want the benefit of their input, I want the benefit of input from the citizens of Albany, Georgia."

He knows they want jobs and safety at an affordable cost. "We're going to look at ourselves and we're going to do process of re-engineering and we're going to build if you will a better mousetrap and when we do that we're going to save the people of Albany some money."

City leaders say that's why Taylor topped their list for city manager, his logistics skills and firm, but soft touch in handling matters.

He already knows what the weaknesses are, he knows where the strengths are and he knows what opportunities we can capitalize on," said Christopher Pike, Albany City Commissioner.

"Even though he's a trained marine he has the tenderness of a teddy bear," said Mayor Willie Adams.

 "The ah, the, ah Al called me the parish Priest, because a lot of folks will come knock on my door and talk to me. I'm open I try to be accessible but I have standards," Taylor said.

He'll hold city employees to those high standard continuing the performance standards and management system Al Lott put in place, but adding his own touches to the job.

Over the next several weeks Taylor will be working with the commission getting a contract in place, before he officially assumes the role as city manager.

He expect they'll be able to reach a deal and will ask for a probationary period. He says he doesn't expect to be in the position for 20 years, but he'll stay as long as the commission will have him.

Taylor was chosen over James Payne, a former city administrator for Waukesha, Wisconsin and Barbara Lipscomb, city manger for Casselberry, Florida.

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