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How to prepare for the CRCT test

Tomorrow is the first day of CRCT Testing in Mitchell County. For the past three years the middle school made Adequate Yearly Progress.

Recently school officials tried to energize students for the big test. Each grade level had to come up with a CRCT theme performance.

Teachers are hoping excitement takes away, any test anxiety students might have. Pop locking, the Caterpillar, flipping and the dougie was how students showed their excitement for a test.

And teachers are hoping this kind of joy means better scores. "We're like you're tested all your life. Especially when you go to college. We just tried to keep them prepared," said Visual Arts Teacher Emily Holton. 

Two students were so excited about the test, they wrote a song. "We've worked diligently with students. And we've also helped to those who need it," said Principal Patricia English. 

"What I try to do, is work with other teachers to incorporate all subjects, into my curriculum," said Holton. 

To improve scores they worked on test strategies and offered tutoring. "We present instruction to our kids they can use for each level," said English. 

But does coming from a poor background affect how kids learn? "Just because you're from that type of background doesn't mean that you can't soar," said English. 

This is one group that has no fear about test taking. The principal says teachers underwent special training. 

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