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South GA. residents react to possible government shutdown

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Congressional leaders have only a few hours to reach to a budget agreement before the federal government shuts down.

If they do shut down those non-essential services of the federal government, many of our viewers may be affected.

WALB News 10's Stephanie Springer spoke with some folks around Dougherty County about the possibility of a shut down.

With only a few hours left to come to a budget agreement, some residents in Dougherty County say they're getting frustrated with both sides in this battle.

16:44:23 I think it is very sad the republicans and democrats cannot come together on one accord to make a decision that is so important to our country

16:43:04 I really hope they know what they are doing because they cant come to an agreement with the budget,

There are over 100,000 federal employees in Georgia..and right now many of those employees are on pins and needles waiting to find out what a shut down means for them and their family.

16:47:57 my youngest brother has worked for the federal government for 24 years, and if he loses his job what's he going to do, how's he going to pay his bills

National parks around the country would close well as federal courts and other agencies. Even some government websites would stop working.

16:42:34 people will be losing pay..and at a time like this when the country is already in a bad recession people don't need to be losing money

Which leaves some folks wondering are these furloughs and cuts ever going to end?

16:44:56 there are so many cuts going around..and so many people are suffering and I wish they would think about that,

Residents say they're tired of the bickering, they just want them to do what right for the country.

16:43:14 one side wants to be a winner and there is no winning when it comes to taking care of America, its just take care of America

The Georgia Department of labor will not be affected by a shutdown, however they are putting plans in place to make sure they are prepared in case it does happen.

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