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Who are your ancestors?

Are you an American Indian? If so, the American Cherokee Confederacy National tribe wants to know.

They're looking for anyone who is at least 1/16th Indian.  According to Chief Rattle Snake most people don't know they're Indian.

He feels it's important to know about your ancestors history. Chief Rattle Snake started the American Cherokee Confederacy National tribe with a few members back in 1976.

Now they have hundreds of members all over the U.S. Even with his fair skin and blue eyes, he still considers himself Indian.

And because those of Indian decent look different, is the main reason for the search. Some folks are ashamed to be an Indian.

But anyone who can prove it can join. To become a member of his tribe there's a three part application process. You need information about your family and ancestors.

Also the application must be notarized before a judge will accept it. So if you have some Native American in you and want to learn more contact call (229) 787-5722.

The American Cherokee Confederacy will meet Sept 18. 2011 to welcome new members.

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