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Doctor with famous ties talks about lung cancer at Phoebe

Christopher & Dana Reeve Christopher & Dana Reeve
Dr. Deborah Morosini Dr. Deborah Morosini

You might be surprised to learn that lung cancer kills 1/3 of female patients, more than any other form of the disease.

A doctor whose famous sister died from lung cancer made it her life's mission to raise awareness.

Thursday Dr. Deborah Morosini talked to health care workers at Phoebe Putney to bring the facts about the deadly cancer out of the shadows.

Her sister Dana Reeve, wife of actor Christopher Reeve died from lung cancer. Reeve never smoked and showed no real symptoms.

"My sister became a wake up call for people, and I think it helped to bring lung cancer out of the shadows. My sister was not able to survive the disease she died within seven months, she was 44-years old," said Dr. Deborah Morosini, Pathologist & Oncology Researcher.

Her presentation focused on women and lung cancer, about 200 die each day.

A pathologist and oncology researcher, Dr. Morosini is one of the leading professionals on lung cancer.

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