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Gov't shutdown possible effects in south Georgia

The clock is ticking.

Non-essential services of the federal government will shut down in 24-hours if Congressional leaders don't reach a budget agreement.

Thousands of workers at the Marine Corps Logistics Base are anxiously waiting to see how they might be affected.

Workers say they haven't been told anything official.

If there's no budget deal, they expect to show up to work Monday and then find out whether they'll stay on the job or be laid off.

A Marine spokesperson says each department on base must decide which workers are essential. They would stay on the job.

Marines will keep working, but their pay could be delayed.

A government shutdown would close National Parks.

That means the Jimmy Carter National Historic site in Plains and the Andersonville National Historic Site would have to close.

At Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, TSA screeners will stay on the job because they are essential security personnel.

Air traffic controllers there work for a contractor not the federal government and would not be affected.

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