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Albany baby fights the good fight

An Albany infant, born with only half a heart, recently returned from his third open heart surgery in Atlanta.

The operation was fragile, and the results would either mean an early death for the little boy or would extend his life for several more years.

"Oh, I know, it's a hard life," said his mother, Wendy Kleckley.

Yawning and cooing. And ready for lunch. "As you can see, he's just like any other little boy. He's gaining weight and getting big and active," mom said.

For  Wendy Kleckley, those small accomplishments feel like major victories. "there were days I thought I'd never be able to bring him home and now to have him and see how well he's doing, it's just a blessing."

Jordan has his share of battle scars. He's now undergone three surgeries to help heal his broken heart, and it looks like they are working. "it's just healed so much already."

Even doctors are impressed by this little guy's recovery. "He said sometimes these kids just do okay, but I can tell you, Jordan's doing very well."

Rolling right along into better health. "He's just doing great."

And even though he's not out of the woods, he is moving into greener pastures... or maybe we should say in this case, greener jungle gyms.

Jordan will still have to have more surgeries. As long as his oxygen saturation stays above 75%, doctors say he's doing well.

Right now, it's close to 90%, and the next surgery is hopefully years away.


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