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What are you throwing away? Your privacy?

Some people will do anything to steal your identity, even dig through your trash.

HeritageBank and WALB are partnering with ShredEx to give you a free day of shredding documents you don't want to give to thieves who may be willing to dumpster dive to get your valuable information.

"Your personal identity is on every piece of mail that you have. I mean, it's amazing to me what people actually throw away in the trash that has their Social Security numbers, their birth date, their address, how many kids they have," said Mary Beth Hobby of HeritageBank of the South.

"You can discover a lot about someone just digging in their trash."

Georgia is actually ranked seven in the nation for identity theft. To keep your information safe, you can participate in the Shredathon for free.

It's on April 16th from 9 AM to 12 at the main branch in Albany and, for the first time this year, will also take place at the Adel branch.

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