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Don't mess with Mrs. Fran

For many kids riding the bus to school is their only means of transportation. So that means School bus drivers have a huge responsibility.

One lee county woman has been driving the bus for more than 30 years and loves every minute of it. Francis Walls drives for the lee county basketball, baseball and softball games.

Making sure they arrive safely is her number one priority. In 30 years of driving the bus, six of her young passengers have died. One in particular stands out in her mind.

"Before he got off the bus he said. Mrs. Fran I love you and I said I love you to. Then once I heard what happened I broke down and cried," said Walls. 

She found out the student committed suicide. But it hasn't been all bad, Mrs. Fran actually loves her job. "When they step on the bus and say good morning Mrs. Fran, or good bye that means a lot to you," said Walls.  

Kids being unruly and fighting is not something that happens here. However in the beginning that was a different story. "I pulled the bus over and told them we're getting off. If you win you get to ride and if you don't it's time to walk home," She said. 

Walls had to take that tough attitude because of the precious cargo on board. "When we're on the road we have to watch out for kids and cars. Even with our red lights flashing," said Walls. 

Every time she pulls up and see's the kids faces, retiring is not even an option. "I think about it and that means someone would be taking my kids. And they might not treat my kids the way I do. I don't want nobody with my babies but me," said Walls.

How different would this world be if we had more people like Mrs. Fran?

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