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Donalsonville moving on after fire

We thank Vincent Edenfield for this photo. We thank Vincent Edenfield for this photo.

Donalsonville, GA (WALB) - Bobby Black looks through what's left of the gift shop his family ran in downtown Donalsonville for more than 40 years. "It's kind of tough to ask for help, but when you need it, you need it."

Black's Gift Shop is one of seven businesses destroyed by Tuesday morning's fire. Lighting sparked this fire that ripped through half a city block in downtown Donalsonville. Black says the community is really coming through. "People have come and offered stores, building possibilities, ideas. People are wanting to do fundraisers."

Firefighters did everything they could to contain the fire to this one block. They were worried about the fire jumping over to Leon's dry cleaners. "The dry cleaning fluid that we use is very flammable and it's possible that there could have been an explosion. So it could have been a real dangerous situation," said Manager Mitchell Blanks.

Atherlone Trawick's barber shop was just one store from the edge of the fire. "I was so blessed. It started at Susie's shop and it came this way and than the wind got it in and turned it around and it went back toward 84."

She says Donalsonville is like one big family. "Until something goes wrong, you know, everybody just speaks and goes on. But when something goes wrong in this town, this town pulls together.

Black says every owner is in charge of their own clean up effort. "I think that every owner is probably in need of good backs and hands and legs to just pick up and pass."

Black says most of the owners did not have insurance on their shops. He says it's going to take a lot of time, money, and help to move on from this horrific event.

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