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Several Dougherty County homes damaged by trees

Dougherty County Emergency management tells us eight homes in the county were damaged by falling trees, and one car was destroyed.

Many of those homes were along the Dougherty Worth County line on Gravel Hill Road and James Road.

The storm winds really blew a path of destruction along that area of South Dougherty County. We saw three homes that trees fell on, and a car that was crushed. The good news, no one was hurt. But there is a lot of clean up to do today.

A giant crane removes a huge pine tree from the roof of Carol Moore's home on Gravel Hill Road. The huge tree cut the roof of the home in half. Some of the tree limbs penetrated the ceiling inside, not far from where Moore was sitting about 1:30 Tuesday morning.

Moore said "Just a giant crash. Saw a flash of lightning like and then the rain started.  It was lucky. Could have been a lot worse."

A couple of miles away on James Road, the clean up was underway, trying to remove the huge oak tree out of Eulene Thompson's home. Take a look inside her spare bedroom, where luckily no one was when the tree smashed the corner of her home. Thompson was just a few feet away in her living room chair, when a huge limb came crashing through.

Lee Harper of Lee Harper Tree Service said "She was sitting about ten feet from where the limb came into the living room. She wasn't able to go to sleep because of the weather. It had her scared all night."

Two of Thompson's trees were knocked down by the high winds. The tree that went through the house, a huge oak that was snapped in half. It's likely her home is a total loss.

Next door on James Road, take a look at Betty Cloud's 1991 Honda Civic. A huge oak was blown over by the strong winds, crushing what she calls "her baby."

 Cloud said "Yes sir, it's my favorite car. I got me a new tag to put on it, but not anymore."  "It was really bad. As long as I've live here I've never heard it to be as bad as this. I thought at first a tornado was coming through, it was so bad, "said Cloud.

Farther down James Road, another huge oak's roots were ripped out of the ground by the winds, and the tree hit Dorothy Hardin's back porch. Just seconds after her husband left it.

Hardin said "My husband was out rescuing his tomato plants off the back porch. Right after he got in the house then the tree fell on the house. So. But the tomatoes were fine."

The big tree limbs also pierced the roof of the house, letting a lot of rain inside one bedroom. The tree also hit a car sitting by the house, but they can not be sure if it was damaged, until they remove the tree.

A busy day for Lee Harper and many other tree services in South Georgia, after the rush of this storm.

As you noticed, most of these folks, even though shaken by the storm damage, kept a real sense of humor. That of course was because no one was injured, and all these folks knew that was the most important thing.

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