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Mobile home flips upside down in Cook Co.

A Cook County family was trapped inside their mobile home after winds flipped it upside down.

This is the mobile home on Stripling Lane that rolled over.

34-year old Melissa Stone and her two daughters were inside.

Stone woke up with her bed on top of her.

She's still in the hospital Tuesday but is expected to recover.

Neighbor Russell Stripling talked to us about rescuing them and 11-year Aniston Barnes told us what happened as her home tumbled over.

"They were wrapped in a blanket in the bathroom," said Pat Cooper. "They were just praying for someone to come find them."

"I flipped over and rolled off my bed because the trailer was flipping and the bed landed on me then my dresser did and then my tv did and it knocked the breath out of me," said Barnes.

Cook County was hit pretty hard.

Look at the size of this tree workers were cutting up.

Many homes were damaged and crews worked all day to remove trees from roads.


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