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Gas prices continue to soar

Crude Oil prices are at their highest level in two and a half years.  You're seeing the result of those soaring prices at the gas pump and plenty of other places.   

Gasoline is up 16 cents a gallon in Albany.    Conflict in Libya and elsewhere in the Mideast is affecting the oil market,which affects what you buy not only the gas pump, but the grocery store and tire dealer too.

Last week, the cost of a gallon of regular gas in Georgia averaged $3.52.  But that was then.  In just a few days, prices jumped up drastically, gas Monday in Albany is $3.68 and likely will continue to climb.

We've all felt a little squeezed at the pump lately, but the pain is getting even worse, as gas prices continue to climb.

"They just too high, too high," said Mary Marshall.  She commutes all over Southwest Georgia for work.  She says it sometimes feels like she needs a second job to help pay to get her to her first.

Marshall said, "It's just hard for everybody that drive to and from work and other places."

Especially since you get there by rolling on tires, also a petroleum product and costing you more each time you need them.

"It's beyond our control,"Millie Page owns Albany General Tire.  She says her costs went up 8% in January and just three days ago her suppliers increased their prices again by another 12%.  So keep the tires you have in good shape, and if you need them, get them before the prices shoot up again.

Page said, "Make sure your tires are in good shape.  You need to go ahead and make sure your air pressure is right to get the most long wear out of your tires as you can and if you need new tires, you need to go ahead and purchase them because unfortunately, just like the gas pump, prices are going to continue to rise."

Making it even more difficult for you to get around.  But, it's the price we pay to get paid.  Marshall said, "You have to do what you got to do in order to hold a job."

Even if we can't hold on to lower prices to get us there. 

One way you can save both gas and keep your tires longer is to keep your tires properly inflated and rotated.  That will save you money in the long-run.

Positive economic news can also negatively impact fuel prices. More of you are expected to travel on vacations this spring and summer, which could lead to even more increases at the gas pumps.

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