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Cancer victim uses cane to fend off robbers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A terminally ill cancer patient fended off a pair of robbers early Saturday morning after they tried to force their way into his Mitchell avenue home.

Even though one of the suspects held Arthur Pickard at gunpoint, he battled back and with good reason. He used something a little more unconventional to save his life along with his wife and daughter.

61-year old Arthur Pickard never imagined he'd become ill with terminal cancer, just as he never thought he'd become a victim to an home invasion.

"I've been here almost 11 years and never expected it," said Pickard.

Pickard says he answered the door just before 2:00 a.m., Saturday when a man wearing corn rows said he needed to use the phone. After making several calls he walked away towards the side of the house.

 That's when a masked man came out of the bushes. He used a gun to force Pickard into his home.

"He said get in the house or I'm going to shoot," Pickard said. "I said you better shoot sucker because I'm not afraid of pistols."

As a war veteran and former police officer, Pickard's instincts kicked in. He used his cane to knock the gun out of the suspect's right hand. As Pickard bent down to get his cane, he says the victim shoved him to the ground.

"I jumped right back up," Pickard added. "One picked up his pistol and started running. I said I'm going to kill you both."

Pickard says they ran down Mitchell avenue and turned left of Mercedes street. He says this is no reason to prey on the weak and elderly.

"That's probably what these two fools thought of me, but they had a rude awakening," Pickard noted.

He also had a wife and daughter to protect.

"It's scary," said his daughter Mary. "You keep to yourself. You think you're safe in your own environment then something like this happens."

The Pickards never imagined they would become victims to such a violent assault. They say if there's ever a next time they'll have more than a cane to fight back.

Other than a little pain in his hip and neck from the fall, Mr. Pickard is expected to be okay. He says he's currently working with police on leads.

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