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Hollywood comes to South Georgia

Hollywood has come to south Georgia.     Disney movie makers are shooting scenes for The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

Friday they shot in Dawson.  Saturday, they'll be in Albany.  They are spending several days in our area, and people are excited to see major movie makers in action.

Downtown Dawson has been transformed into Stanleyville, a small town in danger of losing the pencil factory.  Production Supervisor Jeff Valeri said, "Mostly we chose the area because of the amazing live oak trees and the amazing architecture."

Like the courthouse downtown, which becomes city hall in the movie.  But it's not just the buildings here that will make the flick, some of the people who live here will have their 15 seconds of fame.

Valeri said, "We're actually putting some of the locals in the movie as extras and maybe 15 of them brought their cars today and they're just doing drive-bys for us."

Wynona Jones works in the Dawson pharmacy.  She says it's exciting having such a big time production in town.  "It's really made a change in Dawson and our little center of town anyway and so many people are coming in just to see what's going on.  It's something different and unusual for us."

Putting little Dawson, Georgia on the map of big Hollywood.  "I think it's awesome," said Vickie Loyless.  "This is very nice and it's going to mean a lot for Dawson."

And it's possible that more movie crews may come back this way soon.  Jeff Valeri tells us he likes the scenery, the weather and the people.  He said, "Everybody's been incredibly welcoming and very nice and happy to have us here."

A feeling that goes both ways.  "We've met a lot of friendly people," said Loyless. "Really nice people."  People who are turning Dawson into a movie making town.

Filming is expected to take four to five days.  Saturday, the crew expects to be here in Albany along the Avenues shooting some of the child actors riding backs along these beautiful streets.

And many of us remember back in the 80's when the Long Riders was shot not too far from Dawson, in nearby Parrott, Georgia.

Movie making has become a big business in Georgia, bringing in more than a billion dollars to the state each year.

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