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More Albany AC repair victims come forward

People are coming forward after seeing our story on an AC repairman who ripped off people.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators were busy today taking calls from potential victims.

Last night we told you investigators charged Jimmy Williams with conning six victims.  And they wanted other victims to come forward.  And they sure did.

Sheriff's Investigators say they knew there were more victims of Jimmy Williams and his air conditioning work. So far 17 more victims have called, and those calls keep coming.

The phone in the Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigations office has been ringing most of the day. So far 17 more people have called and said they also were victimized by 43 year old Jimmy Williams, who is charged with four felony counts and three misdemeanor counts of theft by taking so far.

3:44 Captain Craig Dodd said "The more we discussed his case with him in his initial interview, the more we got the idea he really wasn't sure just how many people he duped out of their money."

Before our report, Investigators knew about six victims of William's air conditioner rip off, with almost $7000 in money stolen. Now that dollar figure has passed $14,500 dollars, with more of these latest victims still to make their report.

Safe Air Heating and Cooling general manager Jim Bacon was not surprised by the arrest of an air conditioner rip off repairman. He says they hear about these kind of shady workers, and try to fix what they have left almost every day.

 Bacon said "Consumers out there I'm sure are being taken advantage of everyday by people who just basically hang out a shingle and try to work out of the back of a truck."

Air conditioner pros recommend before you hire anyone to work on your heating and cooling system, ask to see their business license, their certificate of insurance, and how long they have been in business. They say with air conditioner electrical and plumbing equipment, faulty work could cost more than just money.

Safe Aire Director of Residential Sales and Service Matt Lane said "Not installing an air conditioner correctly, there are a lot of problems that can come in the future. As much as having a house fire, to something small like having water damage in the future."

Sheriff's Investigators continue to take calls from people who say they were victimized by Jimmy Williams, and expect to hear from more.

Dodd said "word of mouth will spread and we'll probably get quite a few more."

Williams is out of jail on bond, and Investigators say they expect to be filing more charges against him in the future, when they have finished taking calls for victims.

Air conditioning professionals say they know there are a lot of repairmen out there who are unlicensed, offering to work on your air conditioner for less money. But they say you get what you pay for.

Once again if you had problems with work Jimmy Williams did on your air conditioner, call the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office at 431-3222.

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