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Nearly 150,000 die every year from preventable injuries

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Nearly 150,000 Americans die every year from injuries they suffer at home.

Another 30-million are hurt seriously enough to make a trip to the emergency room. The Southwest Georgia Health District wants everyone to know injury prevention starts at home. They say older adults and young children are most likely to have an injury. Doctors say older adults should use no-skid mats to prevent a fall in their home. You should also keep cleaning products and medication away from children, keep the poison control number handy, and watch out for hazards.

"They call me the safety patrol at my house because I always can just conjure up worst case scenarios, what happens if you leave the dishwasher door open and you load it and you've got knives sticking up and somebody trips over the dishwasher or how do you carry, teaching kids how to properly carry scissors, but those are the things," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant, Southwest Georgia Health District Director.

With warmer temperatures, now is a good time to secure fencing around swimming pools and make sure gate locks latch.

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