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Foggy driving conditions for morning drivers

When heavy fog is present take extra precautions on the road. It's especially important when your visibility changes from eight miles to zero.

Foggy conditions have proved to be fatal for drivers in the past. We've covered several wrecks where fog played a major role.

Back in January, there was a five car pile up that killed a man headed to work in miller county. Troopers say 49-year-old David Bell made a u-turn hit a car and that caused a terrible chain reaction.

A different example is Semi Truck Driver Anthony Helms. He was on his way to Tifton. Helms believes low visibility and dense fog made him drive off a ramp.

Helms and his dog Odie Dodie made it out alive with only cuts and bruises. Troopers say drive slow, don't use your bright lights. 

Also roll down your windows and listen for cars even if you can't see it.


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