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Accused baby killer confesses

Janaysia Stevenson Janaysia Stevenson
Gregory Keith Evans Gregory Keith Evans
Chaitia Stevenson Chaitia Stevenson

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  28-year-old Gregory Keith Evans, the boyfriend of Janaysia Stevenson's mother, confessed to severely beating the 19-month-old girl, who died yesterday.

He admitted to Family Protection Unit investigators that he beat the girl three times, dating back to February. Evans said that he hit Janaysia with his fists and open hand, in the rib area of her body.

Both Evans and the girl's mother, Chaitia Stevenson, will be charged with felony murder, counts of aggravated battery, and cruelty to children. They are both in the Dougherty County jail.

In a live news conference Tuesday on WALB, D. A. Greg Edwards said: "The evidence indicates that the child suffered chronic abuse over time, and the main point of the case illustrates that we as a society must make sure that young women always understand that the child is more important than any relationship they might have with any man."

Edwards said the man was the abuser, and the mother, a witness to it, allowed the abuse to continue. "For that reason, the state will be prosecuting her fully for her involvement in allowing these activities to go on for the period of time that it did."

An autopsy revealed blunt force trauma to the abdomen actually caused the girl's death.


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