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Father reacts to murder of his baby daughter

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Accused baby killer Greg Evans remained silent Tuesday afternoon when detectives led him from the Law Enforcement Center to the back seat of a patrol car.

Shackled in hand cuffs, he was lead away to the Dougherty County Jail where will await trial for the murder of his girlfriend's young daughter.

According to autopsy results, 19-month Janaysia Stevenson died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

Prosecutors say Evans beat the child so badly, she suffered internal injuries.

"I had a party for her Saturday. She cling to me the whole day. I never knew that was why she was so clingy. She was afraid to go home," said Janaysia's father Kaywee Hunt.

Hunt says he knew Evans and even tried to help him find work. He never imagined the man he went to school with would end up killing his daughter.

Jail, he says, is the best place for him.

"You whooping my baby, abusing my baby like she's a grown man. That's the last thing I expected was this kind of abuse. It's more than child abuse....He's safer where he's at. That's the best place for him. He don't need to be out anywhere else," Hunt said.

Prosecutors also plan to file murder charges against the child's mother, Chaitia Stevenson, for witnessing the abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and allowing it to go on.

During a perp walk this afternoon, an emotional Stevenson told detectives, "I'm scared. My life is in danger in jail."

Hunt said,"It's a child you actually birthed. You put a man over your child and let this continue to happen, you're not really a mother yourself. She needs to be where she is as well."

Recalling the last time he saw his daughter alive, Hunt said, "I hugged kissed her on the mouth said I loved her. That's the last time I'll ever hold her."

Hunt must now prepare to bury his little girl whose death he said could've have been prevented if someone had spoken up.

To go along with those murder charges, Evans and Stevenson are also charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children.

District Attorney Greg Edwards said Tuesday he will not rule the death penalty out in this case against Evans.

Prosecutors definitely want to send a message with this case.

Investigators say little Janaysia Stevenson was beaten numerous times over at least the last month at her home in Wild Pines Apartments on Sands Drive.

She suffered multiple wounds and internal injuries, some of which had partially healed.

She was already dead when her mother brought her to the hospital Monday.

Edwards says this is an especially emotional case for prosecutors and investigators.

"This case would bring anybody to tears, because it was just that bad. Her entire body was brutalized, certainly her torso and head, and this is a 19-month old baby, very beautiful baby. Any parent would have loved to have that child."

Edwards says he wants women to know they cannot stand by and allow anyone to abuse their children.

That's why Chaitia Stevenson faces the same charges as Greg Evans.

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